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Our Services

 Through dedicated care and best practices, the legacies of our patients and community will improve. The contributions of our services and community investments will create a first step to improving the quality of life for the people of our community.

Hearing Evaluation

Hearing evaluations are completed with adults and school age children. Hearing evaluations include several different subtests. The subtests are used in a combination of ways to address the patient’s specific needs and reasonings for seeking an evaluation.

Evaluations for Auditory Processing Disorder

Following the Buffalo Model, a series of subtests are used to assess where auditory processing weaknesses lie and a treatment plan to strengthen those weaknesses can be formulated for each patient’s individual needs.

Treatment of APD

Treatment for APD following the Buffalo Model is largely phonemic training. Low gain amplification can also be used to allow the patient access to more robust speech signals and allow for additional noise control processing. Once training is fully complete, services for APD training will be added

Fitting & Programming of Prescribed Hearing Aids

The devices will be expertly fit by the audiologist based on the hearing evaluation results and needs of the patient. At the fitting appointment the patient will learn how to care for and maintain their devices, how to operate and wear the devices, and realistic expectations will be discussed.

Cleaning & Maintenance of Hearing Aids

Cleaning and Maintenance should be completed by the professional every 4-6 months to obtain the best sound quality and longevity of the devices. At these appointments the aids will be thoroughly cleaned, and any parts will be replaced under warranty as allowed. 

Hearing Aid Fitting & Services

Once a hearing loss has been identified treatment is the use of amplification that is expertly programmed by the audiologist. The options of amplification are discussed at length with the patient and/or their loved ones and based on this discussion the patient decides how to move forward. This could be with prescription hearing aids or OTC hearing aids

Follow Up Care of Prescribed Hearing Aids

Prescription hearing aids have a 60-day trial period as required by state law. During this time the audiologist and the patient will work closely together to ensure that the patient is satisfied with the investment in hearing aid technology. There will be, at a minimum, a two week and a one month post fitting follow-up during this trial period. These follow-ups allow the patient to seek clarification on any questions or concerns they may have and also allows acclimation adjustments to be made as needed. The fit of the devices will be verified with either probe mic measures or aided and unaided sound field testing. 

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids will come with a manufacturer warranty that varies in length generally based on the technology level purchased. During this time in-office and manufacture repairs can be completed at no additional cost. These repairs can be completed due to damage or on a preventive basis, generally towards the end of the warranty expiration date

Cerumen Managment

It is occasionally necessary that a cerumen impaction needs to be removed before other audiology services can be provided. By providing this service in the clinic the demand placed on other professions, such as primary care or ENT, can be lessened and the patient’s needs can be met more efficiently.


Hearing Protection 

Both custom and non-custom hearing protection options will be available for purchase at Legacy Audiology to prevent hearing loss from occurring in the first place.

Hearing Aid Maintenence

Through in-office supplies and an online shop, hearing aid maintenance supplies will be available to the patient for purchase. These supplies include but are not limited to batteries, chargers, wax filters, domes, receivers, earmold tubing, cleaning and maintenance kits, dehumidifiers, device loss prevention cords, etc.

Hearing Aids and Earmolds

A wide catalog of products from various hearing aid and earmold manufacturers for the treatment of hearing loss will be provided. These manufacturers include but are not limited to Starkey, ReSound, Phonak, Oticon, Signia, and Micro.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices can be used along with hearing aids or as a stand-alone device. These items include but are not limited to remote microphones, tv streamers, hearing aid operation remotes, amplified phones, pocket talkers, captioned phones, alerting systems, etc.

What Our Clients Say


"I just wanted to thank Legacy Audiology for testing my hearing and recommending the best hearing aids I’ve ever owned. You went over the “top” with not only your service after the sales but your extensive training and knowledge. You diagnosed my specific needs, recommend the best solution for my active lifestyle, including the brand of hearing aids that will benefit me most.

After I received my new set, you took time to make sure they were both set up correctly and working properly.

Even though I had one that wasn’t quite 100 percent effective, you worked tirelessly until all issues were addressed and modifications were made.

You both are rock stars in my book! I would enthusiastically recommend Legacy Audiology to all my friends and acquaintances for all their hearing needs!"

-William Mehle 

Dec. 2023

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